Chain Saw Chain Maintenance Tips

The chainsaw chain is the most important part of a chain saw. Replacement and proper maintenance of the chain will help keep the saw running and working the way it is intended to work. Good upkeep of the saw chain will also help keep you safe while using this dangerous power tool. Always make sure that your chain is clean, properly sharpened, stays oiled and has the right tension during each use.

It can be very easy to sharpen your own chain saw chain if you know what you are doing. If you decide to sharpen the chain yourself, make sure that you sharpen both the left and the right cutting blades equally. Always inspect the chain for damaged or broken links when preforming maintenance and before each use. Dull teeth and defects can be very dangerous because they both can induce chainsaw kickback which is the number one cause of chainsaw injuries.

It is really easy to clean your chainsaw chain. If you have an electric saw, make sure that you disconnect the saw from any source of power to prevent the chance of accidentally running the saw. Loosen the chain to the point that you can easily remove it from the guide bar. Once the chain is removed from the saw, it will need to soak in some household cleaner mixed with water. After soaking, use a soft brush and gently scrub the entire saw chain.

When you get done cleaning the chain it should be clean and free of grease and dirt. Dry it off thoroughly so that there is no water left on it to prevent rust from forming. Apply chain oil to the chain after any repairs or sharpening have been completed.

The wrong amount of tension on a chainsaw chain will cause your saw to run and cut inefficiently, as well as put your safety at risk. Too much tension on the chain will increase the wear on the bar and the chain, which will cause you to replace them much sooner than normal. It should fit tight enough so that it lays snug against the bar but should also spin freely when you move it with your glove covered hand.

Check frequently to make sure your chain remains properly tightened. New chains will stretch after use unless it’s a pre-stretched one. If your chain is too loose, it can cause it to fall off of the bar or bind in the wood during a cut.

The majority of chainsaw chains [] that are being made are self oiling. Oil that is released from the bars reservoir keeps the chain well lubricated. A properly oiled chain will have less heat and friction between the bar and chain. Less friction will allow the blade to cut evenly and spin freely.

Correct chainsaw chain maintenance is a very important part of saw operation. These tips will not only help your chain and saw last longer and run more efficient, they will also keep you safe and injury free while operating this very dangerous tool.

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