Chain Saws for Beginners to Pros

If you think chain saws are just for lumberjacks, think again. There in fact tons of different uses for chainsaws that makes them so handy there should be one in every shed. Likewise, there are so many different models available, that there is definitely one you can use without fear. The key is matching the right chain saw to the right job.

Types of Chain Saws:

Do you only have the need to turn to a chain saw every now and again? Then a simple consumer chain saw is right for you. Consumer chains saws combine some of the must have features of the pro models, but at a price an amateur user can live with. You won’t be taking one of these babies logging, but they more than adequate for occasional use.

One step up from the consumer chain saw model is the standard chain saw. These saws have a little more get up and go than the consumer models, but they are still reasonably priced and safe for a novice. If you live on a wooded lot and clear away a lot branches, this one might be right for you.

If cutting down lumber every day is in your future, then the professional model is the way to go. It doesn’t come cheap, but it can stand up to heavy use.

Chain Saw Brands of Choice:

Husqvarna brand chain saws are the go-to brand for occasional chain saw users. Their lightweight, battery or gas operated saws are just the ticket for those jobs that up now and then around the yard.

Stihl is another brand that novice users find easy to handle. These chain saws are reasonably priced and can handle a light to moderate workload.

However, Stihl also have a line of chain saws that are ideal for more frequent use and bigger jobs – in fact, Stihl makes chain saws you could use every day. If you’re not sure which Stihl model is right for you, be sure you to get some advice before you invest.

Before You Buy:

The number one question to ask yourself before you buy a chain saw is just how much use do you think you’ll get out of it. For light use, the consumer chain saw is the best bet every time. For ultra heavy use, go pro.

With that question satisfied, all you have to do now is find a chain saw that is comfortable for you to hold. Chain saws come in all different sizes and weights, so get one you can handle comfortably and safely.

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