Get the Right Chain Saw For the Job

Chain saws are a very useful and handy tool to have for many outdoor uses. Tree trimming, cutting firewood and making log furniture are just a few of the most common uses for a chain saw. When thinking about buying a chain saw, be sure you get the right chain saw for the job(s) at hand.

There are three major styles of chainsaws: consumer, standard and professional. The consumer chain saw is best if you only have an occasional need for a saw. They have similar features as the professional and standard but at a lesser cost. They don’t have as much power, but if your jobs will be small, you won’t need the extra level of power.

Standard chain saws will cost more, but have more power, features and better performance than consumer saws. They are very similar to professional saws and are perfect for general use. Standard chain saws are often used by loggers, farmers and homeowners with wooded property. They offer you power, durability and a good price for what you’re getting.

Professional chain saws, while more expensive, can withstand the heavy use they get on an everyday basis for heavy-duty work. Their size ranges from lightweight to heavy duty with a bar that may be up to six feet in length. Replacement parts are also available.

You’ll want to check on the different models of chain saws. A store that carries different brands may be helpful in your selection as well as checking reviews and consumer reports. Once again, the model of chain saw you buy should coincide with what your use will be for the saw.

Husqvarna is a brand name that makes excellent chainsaws and their Model 137 is no exception. This saw is a lightweight saw of compact size, making it easy to carry and handle. It’s a good quality, gas-powered saw that’s economical to use. This is the perfect saw for light jobs around the home and yard.

The Model 346XP is a high power saw for professional use. It’s ergonomically designed with a slim body for your comfort. The bar lengths range from sixteen to twenty inches. The 346XP is made for larger and heavier jobs. The Model 3120 is one of their largest saws, is used for tree felling, and is very sturdy to withstand tough conditions and weather. Loggers often use this saw model.

Stihl chainsaws are also good brands such as you’ll see in there M180, which is perfect for the average homeowner. It’s lightweight, easy to use and offers features like Easy 2 Start and easy chain adjustments. The MS290 is the perfect choice for medium use or farm work. It offers easy chain tension adjustments. The MS880 Magnum Pro is their heavy-duty model for daily use. Some of its features are Elasto start, heavy duty air filter and lightweight fly wheel.

Before you purchase a chain saw, take into consideration how often you’ll need it, how easy it is to operate and what you need to learn to operate it safely. Consider taking a safety course on the operation of chainsaws if this is new to you.

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