Homelite Chain Saw ZR43100 – The Lite Weight Chainsaw

When it comes to cutting the trees out there in the great woodlands (at least, for the seasoned lumberjack), nothing could beat the tried and tested tool that is the chainsaw. In comparison to the other methods of the cutting of trees, the chainsaw would often come out as one of the best methods there is.

One disadvantage of chainsaws is their weight, causing the machine’s handlers to feel really tired after using them. With this, Homelite introduces the Homelite Chain saw ZR10926 Ranger. This machine is specifically designed to maximize power as well as reduce its operator’s fatigue. Does this chainsaw have what it takes? Read on to find out.

This Chainsaw weighs 8 lbs, making it below the industry average, making it a lightweight and tireless machine.

The Homelite Chain saw features a 14-inch blade cutter, with a 33cc Power Stroke engine. The engine is designed to maximize power and optimize performance. The machine’s Safe T Tip helps users to stabilize their units after starting up without much hassle and difficulty.

In terms of performance, this Chain saw could cut well through the barks and trunks of trees. However, The 14″ head needs some level of monitoring to keep tension levels at the required machine’s exterior.

The machine’s Chain Break mechanism would allows its users to stop machine’s operation- whether for emergency purposes or in case a kickback occurs. The Manual/Inertia plug works smoothly in pulling the stops on your machine, it is very easy and convenient to stop.

The Homelite Chain saw also features a tool-less tensioner unit, which makes it easier for people to gain access to the tension units, and calibrate the machine’s tension level without much hassle and bustle on their part. An oil level window is installed on the chainsaw unit for its customers to be aware of the machine’s critical oil levels during the use and storage.

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