Left Handed Chainsaw

First off we would like to tell you that a chainsaw is a portable mechanical saw that is motorized. They are commonly used for cutting down trees and cutting limbs off of trees. Many they are made for individuals that are right handed but if you are left handed and are looking to purchase one then you should not worry. We tell you this because there is also a left handed chainsaw.

Today it seems like left handed chainsaws have become very popular amongst home owners. Today you are going to find manufactures are starting to put features on the saws that make them much easier to use. For example Stihl has came out with an Easy2Start and these are known to start with one pull. If you are left handed and you try to use a right handed chainsaw then you should know that this is not a safe way to go about using one. When it comes down to it, you should know there is safety precautions to take.

Yes, left handed chainsaws can come in handy for a lot of different reasons but they can also be dangerous and can leave you with some pretty nasty injuries. The most common accident that comes from left handed and right handed chainsaws is known as kickback. This is when they chain tooth that is found on the upper quadrant of the bar tip is cutting into wood and isn’t actually cutting through it. When this happens the chain stops moving and the bar is pushed upward towards the operator and this can result in some pretty bad injuries and maybe even death.

When you are using your left handed chainsaw you should also be aware that the trees could fall on you and trap you underneath, there is many different cases of this happening. Left handed chainsaws come in many different shapes, brands, sizes and colors. You will find small electric ones that are used for home such as the garden then you have those large ones. There are many different brands of saws out there but some of the popular brands are Husqvarna AB, Stihn, Echo, Poulan and Homelite.

If you are looking for a left handed chainsaw then you can simply search for one online. You will also be able to find one in a catalogue. You may not realize it but there are a lot of catalogues out there that have nothing but chainsaws in them. A left handed chainsaw should cost the same as a right handed one because there really is no difference.

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