Remington Electric Chain Saw is More Lightweight Than Others

There are several reasons as to why electrically powered chainsaws are better than those that are powered by gas. One good reason would be that the electric chainsaws are more time efficient and are more reliable. Another good reason would be that electric chainsaws are more environmentally-friendly. It does not contribute to air pollution and oil, one of the most valuable resource in the world today, does not need to be used. Aside from not contributing to air pollution, it also does not contribute to sound pollution.

Like everything else, electric chainsaws comes equipped with problems that we have to face. One of these is the back pain users experience after using it for a long time. Along with the pain would also come the stress. The feeling of accomplishment would be reduced because of the presence of pain. This is one great disadvantage of electric chainsaws but luckily, the Remington electric chainsaw could look over this.

The Remington 16 electric chain saw has dimensions of 32.4 x 9.8 x 8.8 inches, weighs 9 lbs, and offers a variety of useful features. It is one of the best electric chain saws in the market today since it could overlook the weight problem.

At only 9 pounds, the Remington electric chain saw compares greatly to other chain saws in terms of weight. With this, back pain could be reduced and hours could be increased using it. Consumers who constantly ramble about the heaviness of a chainsaw would be genuinely happy with the Remington electric chain saw.

Another feature of this incredible chain saw would be its cutting speed. It is ideal for fast and easy trimming, pruning, firewood-cutting, tree-felling and a lot more. Combined with its lightness and its power of 3 HP, it is a light and easy-to-handle wonder in the chain saw business. It isn’t behind on safety, either. There are front and rear hand guards for the purpose of operator protection, a trigger lock-out, and a 16-inch reduced kickback guide bar and chain. It has a push button oiler for manual oiling. It also has an external adjustment screw for chain tensioning and steel bucking teeth for better leverage and control. The Remington electric chain saw comes fully assembled with a one-year warranty.

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