Things to Consider When Purchasing a Chainsaw

A chainsaw is a very powerful tool. If you have purchased a chainsaw or looking to make a purchase it’s always wise to consider some of the very important aspects of owning a chainsaw.

First off if you don’t have a chainsaw the first thing to think about is the weight that some of these saws can weigh. I suggest when you’re in the market for a saw is to go to your local home improvement dealer and check out what they have to offer. You will able to pick them up and see actually what they weigh.

The next thing to consider is the length of the cutting bar that is on the saw you’re looking at. Some models come out with the minimum cutting bar for the saw. All dealers will have larger cutting bars to fit the saws. One of the reasons for purchasing a larger cutting bar is you will be able to cut through a larger log.

I have always found it best to purchase a name brand chainsaw such as Stihl, Husqvarna and McCulloch to name a few to choose from. They have been around much longer and they have strived to meet and build a top quality product with all of the latest safety features available.When you purchase one of these products you can plan on dependability for years to come.

In the first time purchasing a chainsaw you will need to get a separate gas can for the mixed gas that your chainsaw will need. You can find the mixing oil at most any retailers, but its best to make that purchase from the one you buy your saw from and to write on the gas can mixed gas. When making your purchase you will need bar oil to go alone with your saw. The bar oil is specially formulated to stay on the bar when in use.

Also make sure to get a file to go alone with your saw. It is very important to keep the chain sharp. Be sure to ask what the size of the file is you will be needing for the cutting chain. There is on the market today guides that can be used on a dremel tool that also works great, but when your using these tools they will reduce the life of your cutting chain. Because you tend to leave the grinding tool on to long, so be careful not to grind to much. It’s best to practice with an old cutting chain to get used to it.

When you have come to the point your ready to make that purchase I would like to suggest in most small towns you can find a local chainsaw dealer that also does repairs. They will be able to give you more information on what you may be looking for and tell you what could be a better buy. Most likely all of the big retailers will send your chainsaw to the local repair man where you will also be able to purchase the same product from them. Where they can direct you in getting a bigger cutting bar and the file you will need. They also have at these local saw repair shops grinders to sharpen your cutting chain if you do not know how to. I admit it takes time learning how to sharpen the cutting chain.

Here is a good suggestion for learning to sharpen your own cutting chain. First if you have a vise is to place it in it and to secure it there or on the ground in a stable position. Next the best rule of thumb is to stroke the chain at least three times per side. This way you will have your chainsaw cutting in a straight line. A sharp chain is a productive day of work.

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