Try These Chain Care Tips To Prolong The Life Of Your Chainsaw

If you are a regular chainsaw user then maintenance is a vital component in keeping your machine in good working order. That’s an understatement if ever I’ve heard one however, it’s surprising how a regular maintenance schedule is often overlooked.

The chainsaw chain is one aspect of your machine you need to keep a close check on. It’s just about the “lifeblood” of any saw and whether you are a professional or a semi professional, keeping it in top working order will not only help prolong the life of your chainsaw but cut down the risk of accidents significantly.

Chainsaw Chain Maintenance

There is nothing worse than a dull chain. It’s frustrating but simple, regular checks can reduce this frustration. Try these maintenance tips:

1. You’ll recognize the “dullness factor” by the lack of bite and sawdust-like chips which are being produced. You’ll also be exerting more pressure on the chainsaw to cut into the wood.

2. If using your chainsaw regularly then you should be checking the chain daily.

3. You need to sharpen your chain when it becomes dull. Safety is of utmost importance when sharpening so consult your manual. Experienced users will know to use a well lit area and to make sure tension is correct so it doesn’t move around. Make sure to wear heavy duty gloves.

4. Use the correct file size as specified for your particular type of chain. It’s important to remember to take your chainsaw to a professional after you’ve sharpened it several times yourself just to make sure you’ve maintained consistent filing angles.

5. Check lubrication on a regular basis. This can be as often as refueling your chainsaw.

6. While the chain requires regular checks, making sure the other components of your chainsaw are in good working order is just as vital. The engine, fuel system, pull chord and air filter should all be maintained in good working order.

More Chain Care Tips

There are some standard do’s and don’ts with chainsaw chain care. Try these on for size and see if they are familiar.

– Hitting materials such as rocks when cutting. This is a sure-fire way to quickly diminish the effectiveness without regular maintenance.

– Making regular tension checks and ensuring the chain is lubricated.

– Forcing a dull chain to cut. You should never force the issue. It’s dangerous and can can cause damage to your machine.

A chainsaw is the most dangerous power tool on the planet however, in it’s own way, it’s a delicate piece of machinery which can be easily damaged without proper care and maintenance. You’ve spent your hard-earned in buying a chainsaw, now it’s up to you to get the longest life possible from it.

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